Cat Spydell for RHE City Council


My candidacy statement: 

I grew up in Rolling Hills Estates and raised my children here. I plan to use my knowledge of the past to help create good decisions for the present, to ensure the future success of our city. We need fresh new ways of thinking to wisely integrate old and new in order to simultaneously preserve and enhance the unique community we all cherish.

I am a small-business owner and author currently serving on the City of Rolling Hills Estates Environmental Advisory Committee, and I have held positions as HOA President and HOA Secretary, volunteered on numerous local committees, have worked for Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District, and in our local mall. 

I have attended most City Council meetings over the past few years, which has made me passionate about conserving our rich heritage, natural resources, and quality of life as we address the challenges and opportunities we now face. My vision for Rolling Hills Estates is for future residents to be able to enjoy our city’s semi-rural atmosphere, utilize the local shops, continue with horse-keeping practices, and receive high-quality educations. I believe that Rolling Hills Estates can evolve wisely and sustainably guided by these goals, without sacrificing in the name of progress.


About catspydell4citycouncil

I grew up in Rolling Hills Estates and can pinpoint many of the changes in the past that have created some of the problems we face as a community in the present. I feel my years of experience being involved in community issues will lend clarity as we learn to make good decisions for the future of our city.
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One Response to Cat Spydell for RHE City Council

  1. Angela Houle says:

    You are certainly someone who loves the city, knows its history and sees the path to the future. Cat all the way!

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